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Greg Alvord has a background in science and education. He believes that public education is the key for improving the lives and futures of students.

Greg’s Background in Science

Greg Alvord has a BA in Physics and Mathematics, graduate work in Physics and Astrophysics, MS in Computer Science.

He worked at the University of Minnesota Infrared Observatory, Dudley Observatory and was a Principal Investigator for NASA on Apollo 14-17 studying the existence of the Lagrange points through photo evidence. He worked in the Image processing Laboratory at SUNY Albany where the techniques of image processing used at NASA were used to help researchers in Biology, Chemistry and Earth Science.

He worked at The Statistics and Epidemiology Laboratory New York State Department of Health doing research into the health impacts of low frequency electromagnetic radiation. He also served as director of Computer Security for the department.

Greg continues to work as a Computer Scientist for a Fortune 500 company in the areas of data architecture, artificial intelligence and software quality engineering.

Greg’s Background In Education

Greg taught high school Biology, Physics and Mathematics classes in Geometry and Algebra. He was an elected member of a local school board for twelve years. He has taught in community colleges and lectured at university, as well as taught continuing education classes for adults and computer security in Department of Defense and Department of Education facilities.

Greg’s Mission

Public education in Texas is threatened by underfunding and over regulation while the private for profit schools take public funds and are given almost no oversight. The state uses poorly designed an poorly executed testing to discredit Public Schools while touting the innovations of for profit schools.

During the current Covid-19 pandemic public schools were threatened with loss of state funding if they conducted only instruction. Meanwhile for profit schools were encouraged to have online only instruction.