Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why are you you running for Texas State Board of Education (SBOE)?

The students of Texas deserve and education that will set them on the path to success over the next 30 years of their lives. Our curriculum is mired in the past and needs to be updated to serve this century's students.

What does the SBOE do?

SBOE has several legislatively assigned tasks:

  1. Create the curriculum for all Texas Public Schools preK to grade 12
  2. Approve educational materials like textbooks
  3. Define the High School graduation criteria
  4. Approve the criteria for getting teacher certification
  5. Manage the Permanent Fund
  6. Approve or Veto applications for new charter schools
  7. Appoint board members of certain special schools

What is the Permanent Fund?

The Texas Permanent School Fund (PSF) was created with a $2,000,000 appropriation by the Texas Legislature in 1854 expressly for the benefit of the public schools of Texas. The Constitution of 1876 stipulated that certain lands and all proceeds from the sale of these lands should also constitute the PSF.


The Texas Permanent School Fund is a sovereign wealth fund which serves to provide revenues for funding of public primary and secondary education in the US state of Texas. Its assets include many publicly owned lands within Texas and various other investments in 2020 (July), the fund had an endowment in excess of $40 billion.

What Counties are in SBOE District 14

District 14 is composed of 21 counties. If you live in any of these counties you are in SBOE District 14.

  1. Bosque County
  2. Brown County
  3. Comanche County
  4. Coryell County
  5. Denton County
  6. Eastland County
  7. Ellis County
  8. Erath County
  9. Hamilton County
  10. Hill County
  11. Hood County
  12. Jack County
  13. Johnson County
  14. Lampasas County
  15. McLennan County
  16. Mills County
  17. Navarro County
  18. Palo Pinto County
  19. Somervell County
  20. Stephens County
  21. Wise County